Denver, CO

"This was the best two hours of basketball I've ever had."                     K.L. Utah

"The fundamentals we learned are nothing like what I've been taught before."                       S.S. Colo.

"Our players are playing completely differently. They're more excited and fun to coach."                 I.E. Kansas

What is Principled Basketball?

Principled Basketball will efficiently and profoundly improve skill level of individual players and team play.  

It might be better to explain what Principled Basketball is not. 

Principled Basketball is not a list of drills that you may or may not use in your practice. If you're a basketball coach you probably have all the drills you need. This isn't that. Certainly we will explain the drills we use to instruct, correct, and apply the principles we teach. But you have plenty and don't need any from us.

Rather, Principled Basketball identifies and explains the underlying fundamentals that are the bedrock of every basketball skill. These are PRINCIPLES that are always true and rarely taught - or if they are, they are quickly dismissed.


Instead, Principled Basketball identifies these PRINCIPLES, shows you how they are used in every basketball skill.


In addition, Principled Basketball is the PRINCIPLES of offense and defense that will immediately transform players into effective and aggressive offensive and defensive players. 

How the program was developed:

Principled Basketball took many years to come about. This is the combination of coaches who were willing to examine what they were doing, and players who lived the implementation of it. Principled Basketball comes from over 30 years of coaching and playing experience - over 30 years of getting it wrong, sometimes getting it right.


One day I asked myself why some programs were always good yet we were subject to the differing skill-levels and athleticism of each class that cycled through our program. As it turned out, those other programs were, indeed, lucky.  Along the way we discovered what really good coaches have been doing for a long time, some ways to improve what they have done, and a way to appeal to what players really want to do. 

Principled Basketball is NOT a new offense or defense. It's NOT new drills. It's not game strategy. 

Principled Basketball is simply the best, most efficient way to develop skills. Principled Basketball is for coaches who want better players in their programs, parents who are working with their own kids, and players who want to develop their own skills.


Principled Basketball teaches the things that are always true.

Some things you will hear at our practices:

"Go until they stop you"

"Beat the first guy"

"Make them guard you"

"If they’re in your grill...beat ‘em"

"Explode to space"

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